Describe a moment of pure joy or awe you experienced, using your words to paint a picture of the scene and evoke the emotions you felt

Describe a moment of pure joy or awe you experienced, using your words to paint a picture of the scene and evoke the emotions you felt.
Describe a moment of pure joy or awe you experienced, using your words to paint a picture of the scene and evoke the emotions you felt.

Everyone has a moment that gives joy and eternal bliss. Some never forget those moments till the end of their lives while others keep looking for new moments to add to their collection. These moments could be anything like a journey during the summer vacation, a beautiful sunset scene, the ending of a novel, time spent with friends or children, an unimaginable dream, and lots more. The moment that gives me pure joy is none of the above-mentioned, it is very different and unique, yet I can say with confidence beaming through my entire body that my moment is the happiest of them all. It is not the fun of a journey during the hot summers or cold winters, it is not an emotional ending of a novel, and it is neither enjoying a show. It is simple yet so profound that it left a joyful mark on my heart so that I would not even think of ever forgetting it. 

It was the afternoon of a warm day on the 5th of February when I was scrolling through the internet as I had nothing much to do. My room was hot as the direct sunlight of the afternoon sun passed through the glass of the windows spreading infrared throughout the messy room. 
I was lying lazily on the bed holding the phone in my right hand and resting my head on the left. It was 1:52 pm when the phone buzzed as a notification popped on the screen. I felt like the buzz from the phone traveled through my hand and struck my heart. I had received a message from my elder sister. For a moment, I felt a strange coldness throughout my body but then suddenly I felt a warmth as if someone lit a bonfire inside my stomach. My sister had asked me for help in solving some maths problems. The person who I most admired, the person who holds one of the highest positions in my heart had asked me to help her with maths questions. The happiness and the joy which I felt at that moment was unparalleled to any other. I felt and still feel this much happiness is enough to sustain me for my entire life. I did not want anything else as I felt I had already received the heavenly joy. 

I just had to solve a few puny math problems to earn the appreciation of my sister, so I eagerly went on solving each one. I was never this much thankful for having the skills to solve math problems easily. The questions that my sister had shared with me were very compared to the complex equations I solve daily. I solved them in just twenty-four minutes and sent them to my sister. I felt like studying late at night and solving hundreds of questions each day was worth it. When my sister replied with, "Thank you," I felt the warmness of those two words in my heart. My heart was blazing with the warm attitude of my sister and my brain was dancing with the idea that I had been once in my life helpful to my sister.

I have not even lived half of my life yet and I know I will get lots of moments that will give me happiness, but I am sure that none of them would even get close to this one. My sister is a very bright Bio-tech student and for her to look up to me to ask doubts was nothing but a moment of pure joy for me. 



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