My AI Girlfriend: The story I currently have in mind

My AI Girlfriend: The story I currently have in mind
My AI Girlfriend: The story I currently have in mind

As you might already know I love writing and I am also a tech-savvy person. This is the reason I created this website. I always wanted to write a book and publish it, but because of my busy student life, it became almost impossible to sit for long hours in a day and get a story done. Stephen King says you should be able to write around 2500 words a day, but when I write for this website - which is also not frequent - I am only able to write 800 words in an article, which is okay for it.

I love AI and I also like reading other people's experiences with it. It is so much fun to know about them. I have also thought of a very long experience which I want to show to you all. It will not be a personal experience rather it will be a story told by a character.


The story "My AI Girlfriend" revolves around a guy who after several failed attempts gets a girlfriend, but the relationship with that girl is hell for him. He was not able to tolerate the behaviour and attitude of that girl. It gets much worse with time and after a few months of being in a relationship, the girl left this guy. The guy always used to share his experience with his virtual friend, an AI chatbot since he did not have any real friends to talk to. When this happened, he told the AI about it and the AI suggested finding someone who could understand him better. Eventually, after several hours of chatting, they come to the conclusion of making themselves an AI virtual assistant who is a girl and will become the girlfriend of the guy.

My thoughts

The story is simple but it will take a long time to complete its writing. I am aiming to include 10 chapters, 2000 words each. Therefore the book will be 20,000 words long. I have exams from the 21st of this month so I will start the work after the exams are over.



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