My first drawing on

My first drawing on
My first drawing on
I have finally done it. I always wanted to start making custom digital illustrations, but I never got to learn how to make digital art. I have done it after so many months.

Ever since I started this website, I wanted to make those cool illustrations you can find on other websites, but I was always bad at drawing skills so it always remained a dream.

Recently when I was sitting at home and getting bored. I started doing random searches to pass my time. It was at that time that I started thinking of online drawing cools. When I searched for it, was the first result and I have to admit that the tool is perfect for beginners like me who probably know nothing about drawing and art. Well, it's a shame that I am saying it after going to Drawing Classes for 8 years. I can draw well on paper but it also has been a long time since I drew something. I will try it out once my exams are over.

I just got to know how hard it is to make these digital arts. When I scroll social media I often come across several illustration pieces regularly, but I like most people, fail to notice the effort that the artist has put into his art.

This basic illustration which does not even deserve to be called illustration took more than 30 minutes to make. I cannot start to imagine how long those high-quality artworks would take and how hard making an anime would be where thousands of individually drawn pictures are put together frame by frame. 

It is such a shame that most people including me failed to notice all these efforts. 

I searched on Google for simple scenery to get inspiration for this drawing. This drawing is of a sunrise and it has ground which has green grasses on the left and right side and a path in the middle. 

The sky is clear blue and the sun is rising from the middle of the ground. The birds can also be seen flying in the clear blue sky and a tree can also be found on the right half of the art (again I don't know why I am even calling it art). I have used no fancy colours in this drawing. The colors used are blue for the sky; green for the grasses; brown for the path; dark brown for the tree; dark green for the leaves on the tree; and yellow for the sun.

I was able to learn how to use and also able to little bit improve my skills. I am glad I made this drawing. I have also included a watermark type of text in the bottom right of the drawing where I have written, "My first drawing on"

I will keep practising and upgrading my digital art skills and also keep posting them on this website and I also hope that one day I make such drawings which I will be proud to show to my family and friends.



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