"No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science." Express your views for or against this statement

For the statement

"No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science." Express your views for or against this statement
"No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science." Express your views for or against this statement

A school is where the youngsters are taught the fundamentals in every major subject. They are taught Mathematics, Science, English, Computer Science, and regional language - in India Hindi is taught in most schools. Children till primary schools are taught Moral Science, but in higher grades, it needs to be given more or sometimes no attention. The school forgets how this important subject can help the students to become a better person. 

Children are enrolled in schools at an early age. They do not know the ethics and behaviours at such an age. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both - schools and the parents - to teach the children these basic yet important lessons. A person without ethics is no better than a non-living rock. Trees also have ethics; every living organism does. Therefore, it becomes crucial to teach the children the ethics so that they can grow up to become kind and gentle human beings. The definition of moral value is simple. It is the conscience of a person that helps the person to differentiate between right and wrong. Parents can teach this important lesson to their children by becoming their role models and living a life based on ethics. The parents need to first adopt the qualities before they start their children teaching them. Children spend most of their time at home so it becomes easy for the parents to do so. The case is not the same with schools. Students only spend six hours in school which is one-fourth of their day. The school can do this task by dedicating a period once a week to teach moral ethics to the children. The children should be taught the importance of being kind to others. They should be told about the happiness that comes after helping someone in need. They should be taught about how to get respect from others just by being kind. At last, most importantly, the children should be rewarded for showing what they learned. The rewards will encourage the children to follow these practices regularly and it will soon become a habit and get incorporated into their lifestyles. The rewards can be anything from grace marks to chocolates and should be complemented by positive remarks. 

It is very important to teach the children this important aspect of life. The students should be made aware of how tough the real world is when they grow up and become independent. They should be taught how and why it becomes much easier to live in a cruel world by showing kindness and gentleness. The children should be told stories of great people and how they exhibit the attribute of kindness. Children are the future who have the potential to revolutionize the world and make it a better place to live in thus, it becomes crucial to let them know about their potential. They should be taught that every contribution towards building a better world matters. These efforts by schools and parents can help drop the crime rates and the hate which are spreading throughout the world. 



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