Some people like to live in a small town. Others prefer living in a big city. Describe which place you would like to live in. Why?

Some people like to live in a small town. Others prefer living in a big city. Describe which place you would like to live in. Why?
Some people like to live in a small town. Others prefer living in a big city. Describe which place you would like to live in. Why?


Humans have a habit of living together as a community. Some prefer to live in big cities while others prefer living in a small town. Both places have advantages and disadvantages for their settlers. Cities are usually overcrowded and polluted. They also host several important buildings and centers. On the other hand, towns are small inhabited areas that are sparsely populated and located in the exterior areas. In cities, the residents are mostly engaged in non-agricultural jobs like business, state service, finance, and others. Cities are generally said to have better transportation, education, and medical facilities. Cities are located near industrial areas so they are more developed. There are lots of advantages to living in a big, but I still prefer to live in a small town. 

Towns are small in size and there are fewer residents living in them, but this is what makes them unique and special. Towns are located in the exterior of a state and they are cut off from the busy life of the cities. They are peaceful. They are small in size, so people can travel on foot to their destination. This also reduces air pollution and solves one of the major problems in cities, which is traffic congestion. The cost of living in a town is significantly cheaper than living in a big city. Towns have several trees which make the atmosphere there cool. Fewer people are living in towns, so they are more friendly. Social isolation is a major problem in big cities, which is not in the case of towns. The people live as a community and celebrate even the smallest occasions like my birthday with happiness. 

Towns provide the perfect opportunity to live in peace and away from the bustling of the cities. I get to reflect on myself and enjoy the beautiful stars in the night sky in town, which is not possible in the loudness and pollution of cities. Towns are the best place to get relief from the stress and live away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. 



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