Tuesday 13th February 2024: Practising Toposheet for Geography


Tuesday 13th February 2024: Practising Toposheet for Geography
Tuesday 13th February 2024

Its 11:27 am on the 13th Febrauary 2024. I am currently sitting on the chair in front of the study table. I have opened my Toposheet book page number 32 and currently solving Map 5: Survey of India Map Sheet No. G43S10 — Eastingd 50-60, Northings 13-23. 

My Geography ICSE class 10 board exams are coming near and I have only 1 day gap before the geography exam so I need to work hard. 

I also don't have any special preparation for geography, nor do I have any special interest in the subject.

I usually get around 70 out of 100 in the subject so I need to work hard for the boards as this subject will be important in gaining marks in social studies which comprises Geography, History, and Civics. 

I am not doing much preparation as my friends are doing and also I am still not serious. I do not know how they incite the feeling of seriousness inside me but I will still try hard to study the subjects. I also do not have any particular interest in arts subjects and Biology because I find arts subjects an unnecessary burden and biology is filled with fancy terminologies which I am probably never going to use in my life. Therefore, I mainly focus on Physics, Chemistry, and Maths and also I have chosen the PCM Pure Science stream to pursue after the 10th standard.

Oh, I just realized. I got the wrong answers for the six-figure grid reference. I am gonna go practice some more topo. 



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