Write a composition describing a change that you would like to make in your school if you were given an opportunity. How this change will benefit your school.

A school is a place where children are sent from an early age to gain knowledge and get a fundamental learning of different crafts. He not only gets an education but also learns etiquette and behaviors. Schools are crucial for building responsible individuals and for that reason, they need to regularly implement changes and policies that will be best for the development of the young students. 

A school is the best place where the fundamentals in the different fields are taught which will be useful in the future. In modern times, skills-based learning is vital for the successful future of a student. Students not only need to learn a fixed set of skills, but they also need to learn to learn new things and to customize their skills to fit the work at that time. The world is rapidly changing and traditional learning cannot keep up with it for a long time. The introduction of skill-based learning improves the overall learning experience for the students and makes the study more interesting. Most importantly, skill-based learning helps the students to get an idea of how tough real-life jobs would be, and with internships and workshops, they can gain valuable experience. It will also improve their creative thinking and problem-solving skills as they will be regularly exposed to real-life challenges. 

Skill-based learning can help to discover new talents and possible new perspectives to counter a problem. It will significantly improve the education experience and make learning fun for the children. The students can learn communication skills and teamwork with the implementation of skill-based learning and it will also help them develop leadership qualities. As we move towards living in a world full of new complex challenges, these changes in education can help the next generation live a comfortable life in those tough circumstances. 



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