Announcement 22nd March 2024: Forbidden the use of AI content on the site

Good Day Readers,

Announcement 22nd March 2024: Forbidden the use of AI content on the site
Announcement 22nd March 2024: Forbidden the use of AI content on the site

Today I shall answer a very concerning question that some other readers have raised through the comment section on the site. 

It is related to the publication of AI-generated content in huge amounts on the site. I apologize for the publication of content that is directly or indirectly generated by AI chatbots like ChatGPT or Google's Gemini. 

The posts concerned were published last year. As you can see too, in the last 4 months, there has been no AI-generated content published.

The posts published before were just a test for me to develop some sense and enjoy this new technology as you all already know I have a particular interest in the latest tech. 

I assure you that from this day 22nd March 2024, forward there will be directly or indirectly no content will be posted which is written fully or partially by non-human chatbots or other such technologies.

I appreciate the time spent and truly value it. I apologize again for the inconvenience caused.

Yours truly,



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