Diary: 4th March 2024

Diary 4th April
Diary 4th April

Today was my Physics exam. I had hoped to score full marks, that is 80/80 on the exam, but sadly I will hardly even be able to score 75 on the exam. According to the experts, today's question paper was rated "moderate" in terms of difficulty; I can never argue that. The questions today were so easy. I wish I had looked up some key concepts again. The concepts that came today were not very important, and one would also say these topics would never be asked in exams. They were not directly asked. Instead, the questions made the use of those concepts subtly. 

It was 28th February 2024. It was the day of my Geography 2024 ICSE Council Standard 10th Examination. The exam went well; I would not say great. The questions were easy in Geography despite my negligence in studying the subject the previous night. It is not like I had not studied even the slightest. I just had never taken the subject seriously all year. The exam went well and I am hoping around 70/80.

Today, which is on the 4th of March, was my Physics exam. I had a full 4 days to prepare for my Physics examination, but I spent all this time on trivial tasks. I will tell you what I did in detail in the sections below.

I came home around 1:45 pm after taking the exam. I had lunch when I reached home and changed into my casual outfit. I called my friends to ask them to go out for a party as the Geography exam, which usually is terrible for me went well and I scored around 70 out of 80 this time. We have planned it for 5 pm. It was already 3 pm when I ended the call. A normal student who is having an exam and that to Physics in the next few days would sit and study but I was too ignorant to do a simple task. I left home before pm and spent 1 and a half hours wandering around with my friend. I returned home at 6:30. After I came home, I could sit down and study Physics, but I chose to spend my time on the phone - watching YouTube videos and anime.

The next day was 29th February. I decided to waste this day by going out with my father and buying a new phone. Here is a picture of it:
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G 8GB Ram
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G 8GB Ram

The next day, which was Friday. I was setting up this new phone and doing some updates. The day after I spent setting up a 5G network in this phone. And finally, on Sunday evening, I started to study for the exam. I had previously practised a few numerals and I was confident about them. 

I wanted to score a perfect 80/80 in physics but sadly now I am hoping to at least score 75. I had learnt my lesson and now after wasting 4th March on anime and writing and wandering through the internet. I have decided to get serious and learn every single thing in chemistry. I will learn everything word by word in this subject and get a perfect 80/80 this time.



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