Write a story with two students and a teacher as main characters

Write a story with two students and a teacher as main characters
Write a story with two students and a teacher as main characters

There are many instances in which students have to be admitted to a new school or college long after the semester has begun due to various reasons. The reasons could be relocation to another city, seeking better facilities and education or looking for cheaper options. 

Due to the mid-semester admissions, the child has to face several hardships and it significantly impacts their mental health and overall performance. The new surroundings of the school could overwhelm them or they could struggle to get familiar with new classmates or teachers. Many students also struggle to keep up with the class work, complete the syllabus and complete homework. The teaching methods of a particular teacher always differ from others, so new students always find it hard to grasp the important points and key concepts.

Something like this happened to me too. It was the last working week before the summer vacation. Our teacher, Mr. Singh announced to us that a new transfer student will be attending our school from the next day. The teacher also requested us to help him as he had joined at a time just before the first terminal examinations. Later Mr. Singh asked me to meet him after school ended. When I met him, I got to know the new student's name is Sumit and he has recently shifted to the neighbourhood where I and the teacher live. My grades were not quite good, so the teacher asked me to accompany Sumit to his home every day from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for extra summer classes. 

The summer break started and it was already 5 p.m. I was going to be late for the first day of my class. On my way to the teacher's home, I met Sumit. He was almost of my height and from the looks one could easily tell that he does a lot of weightlifting, not at a gym but probably at home. For a teenager, he was quite skinny but he had his muscles in perfect shape. 

"Hii! Nice to meet you. I am Sumit. I am a new student in your class. I do hope you remember me," he said with a nice big smile on his face. I laughed and replied, "Yes, I know you. After all, you are a companion who will go through the same torture as me for the whole summer vacation." He laughed and then we both entered the teacher's house.

His house was nothing sort of big and obviously not clean. Papers and books were lying on the sofa, floors and even on the dining table. If someone did not know, they would guess that it was probably a rented house all for Mr Singh himself, but it was his family house and as it was the summertime, they had gone on a trip to some cool hilly region of India. 

"I am staying all summer in this high temperature for your sake. I expect some improvements," he said and started laughing. "We will do our best, sir," we both replied at the same time and in perfect sync. "Come on in. I got cold drinks before we begin."

We were expecting boring classes but somehow they were quite interesting and grabbed my attention all the time. I enjoyed the classes quite a lot and because of those classes, I was able to score pretty high marks in the terminal examinations.

I also helped Sumit a lot with his homework and other exam preparations and before we knew it, we had already become close friends. We would study together and spend most of our time at each other's house playing video games since it was practically impossible to go out beneath such skin-burning sun.

While it is true that transferred students had to work hard to even keep up with the average students in the class, Sumit never complained about it and his attitude towards studies also developed my interest in learning new things and scoring high. 

I got lots of things to learn from Sumit and Mr Singh and I was also able to teach Sumit a lot of things. It was the first time, I was able to score above 80% marks in exams, but more than that I was happy about the time I spent with Sumit. It is just a very different feeling.



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