"Democracy cannot survive without education". Express your views either for or against this statement.

"Democracy cannot survive without education". Express your views either for or against this statement.
"Democracy cannot survive without education". Express your views either for or against this statement.

Democracy means the rule of people. A democratic state is one where the people elect their representatives through the process of election to run the government of the country. Democracy also means that the will of the people, human rights and civil liberties are guaranteed by the government. In the modern time, most of the countries in the world are democracies. Since the people choose their leaders in this form of government, it becomes essential for the people to make sure the candidate to whom they are giving their vote is capable of this important position and can carry out the duties as the representative of the people. For this reason, it also becomes important for the people to be educated. 

Education is important as it helps people make the correct choice of giving their precious vote to the candidate that they find most eligible. It has been observed several times that educated people do not tend to fall for superstitious beliefs and make their choices logically. An educated person knows his right to vote, and the value of his vote thus, he gives the top priority in finding the candidate worthy of his vote. During elections, rumours and false information tend to spread quickly. At this, an educated voter knows his responsibility and makes sure to verify any suspicious information he comes across and correct the misbeliefs of others too. A responsible voter does not give his vote to the candidate by seeing his party, but he checks for which candidate did most developments in the constituency and then casts his vote, keeping this crucial information in mind.

This is why, education is necessary for every responsible citizen to have, so that they cast their vote keeping the overall development in mind and not fall for superstitious beliefs. Democracy cannot survive without education. This sentence is certainly true.



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