Describe the view from your room window


Describe the view from your room window
Describe the view from your room window

A window by the bedside is a wonderful that presents us with many opportunities to have a look at the outside world while staying in the comforts of our house. It is through this precious window that we could enjoy the rays of the morning sunrise, kissing our cheeks and gently waking us up. It is through the window that we could enjoy the majestic sunset view while enjoying a cup of tea or listening to calm music. Its contributions in ventilating our rooms as well as bringing the smell of the fresh flowers from the garden below deserves the highest praise.

The window in my room, like most others, is rectangular in shape with sliding doors. It is not that big as to work as a balcony, but it could fit a human like if I fold up my legs. There is a beautiful park, which is funded by the neighborhood below and I could enjoy its beauties while sitting comfortably on the window. The morning is the best thing about my daily life when I get awake from the chirping of the birds and when I go over to the window, a pleasant breeze strikes my face while the light and warmth from the sun rays break my any leftover sleepiness. When I return from school in the evening, I get to enjoy the children playing various kind of sports in the park. I get to enjoy their games while I complete my homework. I am not able to play anymore with the children because of my studies, but I get a pleasure only by seeing them play.

A window provides us with many opportunities to enjoy the nature and celebrate its wonders. It reminds us that even though we live in a city, we are still not separated from the mother nature. It is a wonderful tool and is one of the most important ones when it comes to things that play a part in our daily life. Unfortunately, their parts are so small that we do not even notice them, but it is necessary that we should show our gratitude to every small things that makes our day even a percent better.



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