Research a famous invention. How did it changed the way we live

Research a famous invention. How did it changed the way we live
Research a famous invention. How did it changed the way we live

Communication has been a major part of the human’s life. If a questions is asked that what is the major thing that distinguish a human from other animals, most people would answer the intelligence to communicate and understand one another. But it had not always being what it is like today. Previously, we were also like other animals, distinguished only by our ability to walk upright and fundamental intelligence about how thing works. We understood that using sign languages and producing sounds would not be enough for us to communicate and understand each other properly. So we slowly started assigning meanings to particular sounds that we produced and used it to converse with each other. This was how we came to invent languages. 

Communication has always been a major part of human life and today it has become the most fundamental thing that define being a human. It is also one of the first thing that we teach a newborn infant. In the early 19th century, due to a increase in trade and commerce, the human globally became more connected to one another. Thus, a need for long distance fast communication systems arised. 

Several inventors started to work to transmit sound by electrical means. It was the combined efforts of several great minds that a device called Telephone came into being. At first, it was seen with skepticism. The general population of the 19th century was still orthodox in beliefs and it was very tough to convince them that such a magical device has been created by human hands.

Telephone is counted as one of those inventions that has changed the human life fundamentally and has revolutionize the way we communicate. One of the major problem faced in those times that the soldiers sent to a campaign cannot report back quickly to the camps about their operations, but telephone solved this problem. At first, it was very costly that the common people could not even afford it, but with the advance of the technologies and with the inventions of several new cheaper ones, the cost of the telephone become so low that almost every household had one. It was now also being used for personal communications.

Telephone had a major impact on the humans and our way of living. Its invention paved the way for many such great advancements in the field of communication. Telephone has also helped in the medical field, the doctors could ask for advice from their seniors quickly and it saved countless lives. The invention of telephone is nothing less than a boon for the mankind.



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