Write a short story in which a little girl, her brother and the school bully are the main characters

Write a short story in which a little girl, her brother and the school bully are the main characters
Write a short story in which a little girl, her brother and the school bully are the main characters


“Do it fast! I need the homework completed by the next period,” demanded Abhay from me.

“I am doing it as fast as I could and anyway it is your homework. Why should I be the one to complete it?,” I replied.

“Look at you. You think you could talk to me back,” he said with a punch that hit my nose very hard.

It has been three weeks since I got transferred to my town’s only english middle school which my sister also attended who was a year older than me. Since the day I came here, I had been bullied by Abhay, a fat ugly-looking stubbornly idiot classmate of mine. 

At first, he only made me do his homework occasionally, but it got worse when the teacher suspected the same handwriting in two notebooks and asked me about it. I had said that I was made to do his homework and he was scolded by the teacher, but that scolding had little effects on his stupidly big head, which I am sure contained a brain no more bigger than a small pebble.

After that day, he still made me complete his homework, but he always checked it and made sure that I use a different handwriting from the one in my notebook. If he decides that the handwriting was same, then he would simply tear off the pages from my notebook in which my homework was done. 

It is not that I was a genius that Abhay made me do his work, in fact I was an average student with just passing grades, but I was still a lot smarter than that pebble-sized brain guy.

It is true that I could ask help from my sister who was a class senior from us and was the representative of her class. But there was a problem, my sister was a genius, not an average student like me. One would also call is unbelievable that we are from the same family. I always avoided to meet my sister at school and even come in front of her. It would be too embarrassing for my sister if the other found out that we are sibling. And why would not it will be embarrassing. She was a confident, strong girl not like a timid like me.

But, one day, my sister found out about Abhay. It was the end of the school. The students could stay at school to take part in extracurricular activities after it ends, but most prefer to go home.

“Take my bag and stand here. I am going to play with my friends. If you see someone from my home, tell them I am taking part in extracurricular classes,” Abhay said to as he left for the grounds handing me his school bag.

I was standing in front of the school grounds when my sister saw me there.

“What are you doing here? Have you taken part in any extracurricular activities?,” she asked.

“No, I am just here waiting for a friend who went to play.”

“And is the name of this friend Abhay?”

My sister had asked my classmates about me and she came to know about how Abhay used to bully me.

At that time Abhay arrived.

“Rat, you have my bag, right?”

“Are you talking to my brother?,” my sister said to him in an angry tone in which I have never seen her. She was glaring right into his eyes.

“Wh… what. Your brother? I am sorry. I will never trouble you again….” Abhay snatched his bag and ran like a fat rabbit who is running for his life. It was impossible to not laugh at how he was running. It was clear that he had never run in his life with his full strength because he could not even maintain his balance while running.

After that no one bullied me anymore and I gained confidence and my marks also improved in the tests.

Apparently, it was the one who thought that my sister would feel bad for others to know about me, but it was the complete opposite of what she used to think. I am so much grateful to have a kind and caring big sister.




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