Argumentative Essay: Is the advancement of autonomous vehicles a positive development for society?

Argumentative Essay: Is the advancement of autonomous vehicles a positive development for society?
Argumentative Essay: Is the advancement of autonomous vehicles a positive development for society?

Human Technologies have advanced much faster in the last decade than before. We have worked towards automations and extracting better output from our machines. Many have contributed towards making autonomous machines. These machines were first used for industrial use only, but slowly they are being modified so that the general public can also enjoy their benefits. One such invention is autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving vehicles. They do not need a human driver to operate them instead, they rely on advance artificial intelligence technologies to move without the need of a driver. 

The manufacturing and usage of autonomous vehicles have increased significantly in the past ten years. They do not require a human operator, so they are very profitable to courier and other delivery companies. One of the major benefits of autonomous vehicles are that the people with disability can also travel in them. The accidents are also reduced by a huge amount since the autonomous vehicles became available to public use. These vehicles are covered with various sensors which detects and learn about the surroundings and also notices the pedestrians and other vehicles in it. They also help in solving the problem of traffic congestion as they can see with the help of live maps which roads have less vehicles on it and choose the route accordingly. They can also reduce the travel time by picking up the shortest route to the destination as well as safely escort the passengers to their destinations. 

Autonomous vehicles are marvelous inventions of mankind. They help us in many ways and are safer for other people too. The only disadvantage at the present time is that they are too expensive, and many people cannot afford them. For solving this problem, the Government can provide subsidies on the purchase of autonomous vehicles for now. With time, their prices will come down and everyone will be able to afford the life saver of modern times. 




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