Be the change that you wish to be. Reflect on the statement.

Be the change that you wish to be. Reflect on the statement.
Be the change that you wish to be. Reflect on the statement.

Change is the natural law of nature. There is nothing in the universe that can exist without changing to fit itself to the surroundings which is continuously changing. A change can be as small as the changing of colors of radium when stroked with photons or it can be as big as the expansion of universe and change of climate. In nature, it is usually observed that it is not required to force a substance to bring a change to itself, but humans require a catalyst to force themselves to bring a change. This is one of the reasons that the saying "be the change that you wish to be" can be heard since thousands of years. 

In the modern times, we have significantly reduced physical work from our daily routine. This has led to an increase in many diseases like diabetes and obesity. Since almost all of our work can be done with the help of computers and machines, humans barely need to do any labor. The adults are aware of it, but because of their busy schedule many could not even set aside time for physical exercise and medication. These are necessary for a healthy body and mind, but incorporating these simple yet crucial changes to our lifestyle poses great difficulty. One solution can be guessed, that is to make children develop the habit of regular exercise. Awareness needs to be raised about school fitness programs so that students can live a healthy life. 

My school always focused on academic and was known to produce the brightest minds in the town. There were not even sports classes, so fitness programs were beyond expectations. Fortunately, my sister was a practicing doctor, who never missed a chance to educate me how to follow a healthy diet and have a healthy body. It is thanks to her lessons and long lecturers that I was able to develop a habit of regular exercises and started avoiding junk food. Early meditations helped me clear my mind and set a list of daily objectives which I worked hard to achieve. I already had my daily schedule planned out, so it was easier for me set aside time for everything. I was able to study efficiently and was able get good scores on my test. When I was asked by friend about my secret of scoring good marks in every test, I told them it was all because I focus not only on my studies but also keeping my body healthy and fit. Seeing the results which I produced, many students followed my advice and started doing regular exercises. The students also proposed this to the principal and the school started conducting fitness programs regularly, which also improved the overall results of the school.

I was happy that I could be the change which inspired many others to change and improve themselves. It is important to note that academics is not everything and physical fitness should always be given first priority. Our lifestyles do not allow us to make time for such simple things like regular exercise, but if children develop the habit of daily exercise, they can continue it for many years. Imagining the society is quite easy, but it takes lots of efforts to change the society how we want it to be. And the first step is always to bring that change in ourselves. 



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