If you could jump into the world of any book and spend a day with the characters, which book it would be and what character would you want to hang out with?

If you could jump into the world of any book and spend a day with the characters, which book it would be and what character would you want to hang out with?
If you could jump into the world of any book and spend a day with the characters, which book it would be and what character would you want to hang out with?

Books are one of the greatest products that humanity has ever created by incorporating their intelligence and creativity. Books are not only a source of vast knowledge in our hands, but they also provide entertainment. There are various types and genres of books available on the market. Whether it is the fiction books or the non-fiction ones, it is the skills and style of the author that makes the reading interesting and often productive too. Books have always been regarded as the key that open the gates to wonders and fantasy in the minds of children as well as adults. When someone picks up a well written book, then age becomes a number in actual ways as old as well as young experience the same joy and feels the same ecstasy.

There are uncountable books to choose from, but the one I like the most is “400 Days” by Chetan Bhagat. This book was published recently in the year 2021. It falls under the genres of mystery and thriller and follows the story of Keshav Rajpurohit who is preparing for UPSC exams while also running a detective agency with his friend Saurabh Maheshwari. 

If I could get a chance to spend a day with my favorite character and also the protagonist of this book, Keshav Rajpurohit, I would be joyful beyond limits. Watching him as he prepares for his UPSC exam late at nights and getting to learn various things about the examination while also discussing various issues and essay topics would be very delightful. Though, Keshav does not truly want to prepare for UPSC exams as he is already twenty-nine years old and IIT graduate without a job, he takes his preparations seriously and also enjoys his life as an adult with his best friend Saurabh. I like the bond between Keshav and Saurabh very much and watching them closely as they share their experiences of the day would be very enjoyable. 

Keshav's mother is a great cook and I have always longed to eat her dishes. It is unfortunate that written text can only describe how the food looks, and one cannot appreciate the smell and taste of it, but it become very simple from the conversation and actions of the people gathered at the table that the food would be quite delicious.

If I were to spend a day with Keshav, I would wake up early to watch him as he exercises and meditate to keep his body and mind healthy. I would also participate with him in the morning workout. After that, I would sit with Keshav's family to eat the breakfast prepared by Keshav's mother. I would enjoy as Keshav will talk with mother and laugh when his father would scold him for every little thing. 

Keshav likes to go out for walks to fresh up his mind from studies and to also get a new perspective while solving a case. I would like to accompany him on such a walk. He relies on his best friend, Saurabh, who works at a tech company, but helps his friend despite being a busy person. 

In the afternoon, I would discuss all the stories about IIT from Keshav as he was a graduate from there. I would hear about his experiences and try to learn from them. In the evening, I would gladly slurp the tea made by Keshav's mother as the family gathers for the evening snack. After the tea, I would accompany him as he walks out to discover evidence about the case and talk to the police officers. I would like to hear as he converses with the officers and learn how to pursue others to do something. 

Finally, after all the tiring work of the day, I would have the dinner with Keshav and have a last look at how he studies at night before leaving for my home.

Being a detective is a difficult job, and it becomes more difficult if one is pursuing studies along with solving cases. Time management becomes almost impossible and taking out time for even the smallest things becomes quite difficult. Detectives are skilled at their profession and know how to read the situation and respond to the query raised or ask questions. It would be a wonderful experience if I would get a chance to spend a day with one such person. 



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