One word Essay: Adventure

One word Essay: Adventure
One word Essay: Adventure

The word adventure, which suddenly cause one to feel excited, upon hearing usually describes an experience or an activity which is particularly dangerous or filled with excitement. It is one of many English words whose dictionary definition does not hold true for everyone as every individual has a particular hobby or memory which they call adventurous. For some hiking on a mountain may be adventurous, and for others taking part in dangerous activities and games might be adventurous. Some people might find it interesting to hear the adventure of others rather than going on one themselves while others would like to have an adventurous time through the perspective of someone else like in movies. Adventures makes our life interesting and joyful. It is very hard to live each day following the same schedule. Adventures helps to bring a change of pace to our initially dull and unvaried life. Whether it is going out for fishing by the lakeside or playing video games with friends, these short yet eventful experiences motivate us to not follow the same routine each day. 

When I hear the word adventure, the beautiful scenery of mountains and riding through the roads between them comes to my mind. In the modern world, life without electronic devices and internet seems impossible. But to achieve what others say impossible is what an adventure is. The soft and pleasantly atmosphere of the mountains. The sounds of the birds and other creatures living on it and most importantly a day without any connections with the rest of the human society is what I long to achieve. I live in city, where the air is polluted and filled with every kind of miniscule particle that is harmful for us. Breathing fresh air without any pollutants is a dream of many. We are constantly surrounded by long towers made of concrete and there is almost no greenery in the whole city except in park and gardens. Being lived all my lifetime in an environment like, I have a strong desire to spend a day living in the nature and observing other animals. The breathtaking moment of the sun rising at the dawn, the cool surroundings, the crisp air, the sight of beautiful flowers and the fresh scent of slightly wet soil. I would like to ride through the mountains to enjoy all the delights that the nature has to offer. As the day ends and the night ascends, I would watch the clear sky filled with thousands of sparkling starks which is impossible to witness in the concrete jungles of cities. 

Everyone has an adventure which they desire to venture for, but out modern busy life restricts us to do. Whether it is students or working adults, adventures are what that makes their life enjoyable. So, it is more than important for us to take a break from our busy life and set out for an adventure with friends and family or alone like me. Adventures forces us to break out from our daily routine and face the unknow challenges as we move forward which make it even more interesting. Therefore, it is important to remember that we need to set time aside for our dreams and hobbies too. 



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